20 September 2009

vices. deja vu. ornaments.

To me, you are the one ornament I cannot untwist from the tree. You cling to my thoughts in prevalent ways, and however many attempts I make to unlatch you, I fail. Sometimes I want to just tear the whole tree from the ground and thence shatter your sly grip through force, but what good would that do? The tree would be forever scarred and all the other ornaments broken. Other times, I think I can step away from the tree and see you as part of the master plan, the way I should see things. Maybe I can leave you on the tree, and come December, need not replace you? Inactivity can be a good thing and at times will hurt no one. But then I think of your unrelenting grip on me, my mind, and all things, and cannot help but to attempt to rip you off my darling tree, again.

But if I just took the time to unwind strings and reverse knots, with patience and time, maybe I could persuade you to unravel yourself from me. And with even more patience and some vigilance, I could abandon the situation, but not only to fall in again: conclude it.

You are a mere shadow of past memories.

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