23 September 2009

life lesson #2: edward scissorhands had it easy

Today a couple kids and I were sitting around after discussing what remained of our American Literature group project. One of them, a guy, was explaining how he had injured himself reenacting a home run in his basement: he tried to jump off a wall and fell on a nail, accidentally cutting himself.

"I bet none of you can beat that story," he joked.
"I once slit my finger with a piece of floss?"
I winced at the memory.

"...Okay, you win." He gave me an odd look.

Thing is, I had a legitimate reason for cutting my finger. You see, the little metal prong on the floss dispenser that you wind the string around and cut it with broke, and so instead I decided to try to snap the floss by wrapping it around my finger (an equally sharp object) and pulling really hard.

That's when I slit my finger. I think I also lost circulation in it for a few days, I wrapped the floss so tight.

And so I learned to appreciate industrial design a bit more. Not only does Johnson & Johnson enclose floss in an easy-to-understand package and inject it with a delightful mint flavor, they also include an efficient, cutting device! Hallelujah, we don't have to spend hours trying to snap it ourselves!

Or I could have used scissors.

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