19 September 2009

life lesson #1: sometimes being eco-friendly is not worth it

I once caught a stink bug in my room. The general process I follow when I see one is:

a) Grab a tissue
b) Pick it up and wrap it with said tissue without smashing it
c) Throw it in the toilet and
d) Flush away!

In this particular instance, I did not flush immediately. As a matter of fact, I also had to pee, and decided to be a little "green" and use the toilet before flushing the bug down, therefore saving water. And thus I did my business...and before I flushed, the stink bug flew out of its temporary porcelain lair and into my face.

Screams and something pretty close to what I'd say was a heart-attack ensued.

And ever since that day, I've always flushed stink bugs down the toilet immediately, no matter how badly I have to use the bathroom.

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