14 September 2009


So junior year has certainly turned into quite an adventure...I was expecting a lot of work, but being bogged down with 50 pages of reading/outlining on the first day was beyond me. I've been keeping up all right thus far, but I know that if I don't make this blog short and get working before my art lesson (first one in two months!) then I'll be sleeping at 1am or later tonight.

I lack the amount of efficiency I need to make my academics and extracurriculars mesh together comfortably; however, I am quickly developing it. Yesterday was an all-work day minus one bit of video chatting, and I finished everything before 12am, which is pretty impressive for everything I had to cover.

Another thing I'm ridiculously thankful for is driving. Because I miss a different class each day, sometimes two, my workload is lightened by the slightest--though sometimes it plays a huge disadvantage, but it's better to get it over with now rather than later in the year. (Speaking of, I drove on the highway today :) getting better!)

I honestly hate having large gaps between posts, since I don't know where to start and where to end. Hence the choppy paragraphs and lack of connection...So shall I list what's new?

-I got a (RED) iPod Nano for my birthday (early since Austin wanted to see it before he leaves for college). I'm super paranoid about getting it scratched, and so today I wrapped it in a plastic baggy before bringing it to school. The bad news? Abu found it this afternoon in my backpack and tried biting it...luckily he only got the ear buds, which are still completely functional though not perfect in appearance, and so I am so, so, so thankful right now...though a little mad at him.

-I finally have all my supplies for school, which doesn't sound all that life-changing but last week was terrible since I had no set location for all my handouts and it just bothered me to no end. Now I have no excuse to get anything but A's, eh? ...Bah.

-On Saturday, my family and I went to the Guitar Center near KOP to get my Gretsch fixed. Thanks to my stupidity, the repair will cost ~$40, but would have been unavoidable, now that I think about it, since Gretsch doesn't cover output jacks anyway. I did pull out one of the pick-up's wire, which would be covered, but since it was a deliberate act of accidentally pulling it out with the output jack, the techie will wedge it in tighter and hopefully eliminate all future accidents concerning the wire...

Oh; on that note, my dad just came home with my guitar :) time to check it out and get on my way to art class. I'm excited to start using my FM transmitter again! It's been gathering dust for a while, now.

Anyway I'm going to try to keep writing on this, even though it does take up a significant amount of my time (you wouldn't think, seeing these entries are fairly short...), since it does help me develop fluidity in writing and some other stuff, though I don't write super formally or anything. But okay, that's enough for now.

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