04 August 2009

the i heart revolution

I bought my first Hillsong CD at 7:29pm this evening. Technically it was purchased on iTunes, but legally nonetheless! It's been over a year since I gave up downloading songs using LimeWire, but I had never gotten around to buying anything new (or anything at all, to be truthful) from Hillsong, so it's nice to finally have one of their CDs checked off of my ever-growing list of music to get.

I suppose I should give an introduction, since it's a little weird to just jump back into the blogging scene without any explanation... To make a long story short, I've been a blogger on Xanga since June of 2004, and I very recently decided to quit using the site altogether. I'd been planning to switch to Blogger or Wordpress since Xanga, in my opinion, has pretty much deteriorated from what it once was, and since I already have a Gmail account and have been following fashion blogs on here for some time, I figured I'd go with Blogger (for the time being; I have a feeling I may switch to Wordpress sometime in the future...). Anywhoo, I'm fully aware that I pretty much lost any audience I once had, but I think I'm fine with that. This gives me a new start, which I very much like :). Except I'm trying to use proper grammar, a.k.a. capitalizing words, which is something I rarely do, so I may drop that along the way...

Back on topic; I've been listening to the CD ever since I bought it, with a few pauses (I'm still not done!), and I have to say that I love the intensity of the whole thing. It's a live album, and I know I'm late to buy it, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of the Christian albums that continually hits home with me. At least, I hope it does...

On another note, I was thinking of this video clip that one of the kids who came from California to visit/help out with our church's VBS showed me; he attended a Hillsong United concert in LA and took a video of the stage. It pretty much was simply a video of lights flashing around the crowd, but it was freaking awesome. You could feel the energy through his phone. If heaven is even 1/1000 of how amazing a HU concert looks (and of course it will be the opposite; Hillsong will be absolutely nothing compared to heaven), then I am so ready to be up there praising God. Really.

I also know this is no excuse to justify lack of passion in my life or within my church or anything of the sort, but when the Cali kids came over, their passion for Christ was so evident...I feel like it has something to do with the region in general; with so many people, and being able to make fellowship with all these huge Asian communities, and so many events to constantly renew passion, how could you not be so enthusiastic for Him? But of course that thinking is flawed in many ways, since spiritual highs are not what we seek, but a steady "hot"ness for God, and one side of the world is not any more privileged to love God more than the other...that would make no sense.

Anyhow, I want that passion. And I'll strive for it until I get it. I can feel it building and bubbling up in me already...I want to be a part of His master plan. Not a lukewarm Christian, but someone who honestly loves Him with every fiber of her being. I want to be a part of the revolution.

I heart revolution.

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