13 August 2009


I'm lucky I have people who listen to me, care about me, and are just plain there for me.

Whooo parallel sentence structures...my goodness, what is AP Lang doing to me (already)?!!

Anyway, I was talking to one of my best friends about how I wished I was more normal, or something like that (about how easily I get sentimental and how I think in terms of the future at all times, and how I wish I could just slow down and simmer in the moment, at the moment), and he had just read the previous blog I wrote, and I thought I'd put this up so I don't forget about it:

him: yeah
him: actually
him: you don't realize it
him: but days like today..
him: its good to just sit back
him: and be like
him: yeah today was a good day
him: and be content..
him: content..
him: key word..

I'm so blessed.

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