09 March 2011

too little too late

A bit depressed. My grades right now much better reflect the ones I was receiving prior to midterms, which dropped almost all my marks, except for French and Art (both constant/steady A's that I wouldn't be able to raise due to the rigor of the class anyway, so all's well with them).

Discrete: 93 --> 96
AP Stat: 88 --> 92.46 (poop I need .04 points.)
AP Lit: 91 --> 94
Physics: 86 --> 89

And then there's gym, my single-semester course, which is clearly a high A...seeing my grades readjust to the caliber that they were originally at (minus physics, which was initially much higher, but is ultimately my fault for being too prideful to ask for help when I needed it as of late) is satisfying but bittersweet: my universities won't see this. They've already made a decision on me.

Yet again, it goes back to a singular point, that I no longer have any control of my decision. Trust and obey, Mary. Trust and obey.

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