07 March 2011


Just like how the MIT Head Admissions Officer being a phony was revealed immediately following my brother's admission decision convinced me that God purposely closed that door in his life (and had a better one in mind! Stanford heck yeahhh), this appears to me as yet another indicator that my God is in control, and that I was shut out of Brown for a purpose.

(If you're confused, I often jokingly-but-not-really cite Brown's sudden 10k increase in applicants to Emma Watson making the school headline news...hey, the timelines match and everything...but now that she's gone, I am sure the school will be notably less popular.)

Not to say that He's going to resultantly place me at Harvard for grad school or something insane as what happened to ge (though I know he deserves it), but rather I should trust His will and realize that, quoting a friend, "I believe I've done everything I had to in order to be qualified."

I will be okay.


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