10 February 2011

superbowl commercials

Although I did watch half of the Superbowl, I didn't really notice any commercials. Like, none at all. Maybe it was because I was on the computer the whole time, but the day after, I couldn't place any of what I had seen, except maybe a few seconds of one clip (the car buying guide commercial? Can't remember).

So, just now, I took a bit of time to go through some commercials and a playlist of this year's ads...I have to say that again, I am blown away by Audi. I first seriously noticed the company in 2008, from the Summer Olympics "Progress is Beautiful" commercial--I think it had such an aesthetic impact on me that I even cited it in a few papers I wrote last year in AP Language.

This year, yet again: such a creative genius. The "Luxury Prison" ads were so innovative, the kind of smart that doesn't even require the actual car to be in the commercial. Their other "Goodnight" ad was also great, definitely stylistically different from past years, but beautiful nonetheless.

Is it so wrong for me to say that 2008 made me want an Audi, and 2011 confirms whatever doubt remained of this desire? When I'm stable and out of college, I want my first self-bought, new automobile to be an Audi. Mmmm.

All right that's enough. I can't do this car talk thing, though I can analyze commercials and derive too much from 30-second commercials. I am a prime subject to be manipulated by these things...insane though, I love seeing how advertising evolves.

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