05 February 2011

nostalgia, AGAIN

I'm killing some time/doing a few things I've been meaning to for a while, one being backing up my phone contacts in preparation for my new phone, which will be arriving in less than a week.

(First, I'd like to say that I'm impressed with Verizon's backing system, which quickly uploads all your contacts (300+ for me) onto your online account, which can be accessed anywhere and also downloaded onto new phones. Maybe this is an old thing and I'm outdated, but I think it's so cool and beats having to reenter all your contacts [what happened when my LG Chocolate died--nothing would transfer in the store].)

After doing that and taking the time to scroll through my contacts online, I decided to also (finally) upload all my mobile phone photos onto the computer using the adapter SD chip. I love this thing and probably should have used it from the start of my micro SD experiences, but never really thought of it until recently, when I stopped doing mobile food uploads for a few months. After I realized I was a couple dozen pictures behind, the prospect of sending MMSes to Facebook seemed rather idiotic. This is definitely the way to go.

But while taking my micro SD card out, I had to remove my LG Versa from its hard keyboard-attachment case, which I never do...and feeling the size of the bare phone in my hands struck a string of nostalgia in me. I'm not exactly sure why, and it's pretty sad to admit that I did feel a connection with my phone, but nevertheless...it's true.

I remember fighting my way to this phone, researching for days and finally stumbling upon the Versa, whose release was conveniently a week or two after my Chocolate broke; instead of quickly buying a replacement phone, I begged my parents and waited and when the day came, it was glorious. I went after school with a previously-placed order, receipt in hand, and walked out of the store with this radiant box of yummy technology. I loved my Chocolate, but this was the first phone that I was crazy for and received.

Two years later, the iPhone 4 comes along. In retrospect, and in current-spect, my Versa still works very well even if it is a bit laggy (though I think it's my fault for accidentally sort of hacking the system and storing more text messages than is allowed) (also I had a couple hundred photos on it, even though I constantly delete old ones and this shouldn't matter anyhow) (why did I delete them when I could have just uploaded them!!! Argh) and technically I don't need a new phone...but as my contract just expired and college will likely require some sort of smartphone anyway, I felt like it was an opportune time. Plus, I am an amateur tech junkie at heart and this kind of stuff (being able to get my hands on new appareils quickly) always makes me so happy, even if it's just materialism at its core. Yeah.

However, I do plan on keeping my Versa handy, whether to pass onto someone else or to simply store in case I need a back-up phone (apparently a very good idea, since many of my friends/people I know have had problems and can't buy new phones without paying full price and thus are stuck with broken ones? Something like that?). I still very occasionally pull out my chocolate and turn it on and start typing out some text messages--I love the feel of the buttons, something that was hard to get used to without when I switched--the Versa's buttons are so hard to press--and probably will do the same for my Versa baby come a bout of nostalgia. Like right now.

ANYWAY, it's getting late and I have my last (I think!) college interview tomorrow, followed by a full day spent with a church in Philly, leading to a concert in the evening by Tim Be Told and The Reilly Band. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to dress for an interview --> hang out --> concert, but I guess we'll see. It's also meant to snow/rain tomorrow...always a surprise!

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