08 February 2011

day twenty-three

Fifteen facts about you

1) I was born in California and I think my brief time there does influence the pace at which I live and how I interact with others.

2) I am getting an iPhone 4 today...it was already delivered earlier, but I wasn't home so now I have to wait hopefully only another half an hour :).

3) I had stick-straight "asian" hair up until sixth grade; now, it's curly.

4) I wear a heart-shaped ring from my parents on my right hand, which I never take off.

5) I probably have smaller hands than you and everyone you have ever met in your life.

6) I believe in quality over quantity and therefore trust in name-brands a little too much.

7) I cannot get enough of avocados, ever since traveling to Haiti last summer :).

8) I am conversational in French, although I was even better over the summer.

9) I can improvise on the piano and have a knack at picking up instruments (does in no way mean that I am gifted at playing them, though)

10) I remember an oddly large number of my dreams.

11) I'm only competitive when the ball comes to me.

12) I want to visit all seven continents.

13) I set my alarm clock to 15 minutes before I am actually awoken so that I can get out of the deep sleep cycle and not be cranky in the morning.

14) My roof is both my most inaccessible and favorite place to relax.

15) I love the weather right before it rains.

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