27 January 2011


1) Decided to bail out of applying to two scholarships I was actually excited for. My fault, mostly since it snowed and I didn't ask for a copy of my recommendation letter earlier...


1a) I decided to take my own initiative after feeling horrible about dropping possible prize monies and looked on our guidance website to find other scholarships. I'm feeling this. Went through all the February deadline ones and am going to (hopefully) apply to as many as possible. I want to help cushion that horrible FAFSA blow (see a few posts below).

2) I was finishing A Rope and A Prayer in bed this morning and when I finally did get out from under the covers to use the bathroom, I spot a stinkbug on the ground. So I kill/suffocate/tape it and use the bathroom. Then I return to my bed...and oh my goodness there's a flailing, stinkbug limping around on my sheets, with three of its legs detached and scattered around the area.

I almost fainted.

2i) I was the one who smashed part of it, or
2ii) I was the one who smashed part of it.

Yeah not a really fun discovery. It also stank up part of my sheets. I sprayed perfume (should have rethought this because it is so strong and I hate how "good" it smells, it's nauseating) on the spots but I can still catch a whiff once in a while.

3) Washing machine is broken.

So this explains why the stinkbug scenario is even more horrifying than usual...because I can't wash my sheets (or my clothes, or anything for that matter) until we buy a new washing machine. Which also costs lots of monies. Which we don't have since we're trying to save for my college fun. Which brings me back to point one.

4) On the bright (bright?) side, my interview for today was just canceled. So if I did want to finish filling out that scholarship application listed in point one, which I partially dropped because I thought I wouldn't have time to find the pieces I wanted to use and also write an essay, I would have time to. Except I already emailed my college counselor apologizing and basically saying never mind.


5) It is a snow day. No complaints about that.

So all in all, I haven't really done anything today except get slightly traumatized and finish a book. I think I'm going to do my Statistics homework now and get it over with...that or take a nap. Eep I really need to be productive. I really want to be productive.

Anywhoo, ciao for now :)

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