12 January 2011

one more

You know what's funny?

I was notified of my first college acceptance today. The in-productivity and thrill that ensued was completely unexpected. I'm aware that I will be excited and happy and satisfied wherever I end up, but feeling this way about my safety (my only safety), right now, today, was strange.

I am excited.

You know what's funny?

Many of the passwords I had to fabricate at the start of the school year (for various college things) revolved around what was my top-choice college. Two of my main school-related pass codes, actually, are directly derived from my former dream school. I contemplated this during the wait-time of November, knowing that if denied acceptance, I would either be forced to change all my passwords and restart the finger-memory process...or keep them. Live with the pain. But you know what I did?

I kept them. All of them.

And they make no difference to me now. What an incredible peace I've gained from God.

You know what's funny?

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