20 January 2011

in retrospect,

I have no idea how I did.



Came home from school (directly against what I proposed for myself yesterday, ha) but then picked myself back up and drove to Purebread, where I ordered my normal Akita panini and small Chai. Something that I recently realized is that if I don't go to UD for school, I am definitely going to miss the small cafes and eateries around Hockessin. I'm sure all colleges have their own, but I've grown so fond of my favorites that it's a bit sad to think about. Not to mention I dearly love the placement of my house--close to church, close to the gym (heh), close to the library, close to parks, close to the best ice cream parlor on the East Coast (I am just the talking advertisement today, aren't I), close to my friends, and the perfect distance from both Northern DE malls. Close enough to make a trip without hassle, far enough to squash any temptation to shop every week.

Yet, even if I do go to UD, there's always the impending realization that my parents plan to move. As my dad works a good hour-and-a-half drive away, the possibility of moving to North Wilmington has always been a reality...and if I end up in California for school, my parents are set on retiring there.

Which means I'll lose a home in dainty Hockessin. No place to come back to after I graduate, no place to stay when visiting WCEC, my home church. A bit depressing.

But! Life goes on, and we would have to remodel our current home before that would ever happen--and remodeling will take a good few years--so I'm not too absorbed by this thought.


Anywho, I did manage to rewrite my French essay (I got an 8 [my French writing is apparently stronger than my English writing, how strange is that?] so it was a bit pointless, but required nonetheless) and finish a take-home Discrete test while I was at Purebread. Good stuff. The sun was also directly streaming in onto the table where I was sitting, so I had a nice hour or so of pure warmth. And then I stepped outside.

Now...I should probably get back to work, but knowing my priorities, I'm probably going to watch a few episodes of Modern Family prior to starting. Which means I'm going to take a nap. Which means I'm not going to get anything started until 9pm.

Yay for self knowledge!

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