27 January 2011

i wish

...that you could use Tumblr layouts on Blogger.

In all honesty, I probably spend more time reading Tumblr blogs (via Bloglovin') than I do Blogger ones. They're short and sweet; quick and to the point. And so absolutely aesthetically pleasing. I think that's why everyone likes them.

Including me. But I've had one in the past and eventually got rid of it when I decided that having a Twitter/Tumblr/Blogger/Xanga/whatever was too much...I think that's also when I got rid of all of those except my Blogger, which is pretty permanent seeing it's tied into my Gmail.

But the good thing about having a Blogger is that they're less popular among people my age, and so I doubt many read it. And so I can spend more time actually recording my thoughts rather than pleasing an audience, which is what Xanga turned into. eProps and all.

I also believe the size of my text is too small for people to easily skim unless they really want to read what I'm writing about. But it looks better this way. No harm in being an extra safety precaution though, eh?

Good stuff.

Okay I'm going to sleep...soon. I want to finish the book I've been reading, A Rope and A Prayer, but I am actually pretty sleepy and don't want to screw over my sleep schedule over one snow day. I didn't nap at all today even though we pretty much had the day off :(.

RIGHT. To bed!

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