15 January 2011

day seven

Your dream wedding

At first, I thought my answer could be similar to that of my "first date" one...but upon further thought, this whole public marriage ceremony is much more monumental, I suppose, so here are some criteria I have/wish I could have.

- A custom designer dress (this is horrible of me, but for the most important day of your life, I want something personalized. Preferably by Vera Wang or someone of the likes. Something modern but timeless)

- Cute bridesmaid dresses (what is the whole taboo with making your best friends wear ugly clothing? I want them to look incredible. I want everyone to look incredible)

- A notable professional photographer (like the Sartorialist. Are my standards too high? Not at all...but in all seriousness, I want a great photographer. If I can't take my own wedding photos, I want someone who is at least 10x better than me. Scott Robert is someone whose work I've always loved, but everyone is so pricy, sniff.)

- Outdoor wedding (I wouldn't mind indoor, but the lighting and just overall feel would be more ethereal outside, I think...plus cathedrals are kind of hard to book)

- Small-medium sized (although I always have this guilty conscience that makes me want to invite everyone I know to everything...but I guess we'll see about this)

- Thin rings (this goes more into the engagement side of things, but as I have freakishly small hands, the only rings that I could imagine stacking and wearing forever are thin ones)...either classic (Tiffany's. Okay, I'm really dreaming now) or casted by a custom/independent artist.

- Good music (love the "Forever" wedding video...not sure I'd go that far, but I want something fun nevertheless)

- Small. (If it involves me dancing, small. Very small.)

- Good food. Great food. Iron Chef-like presentation. (Minado-quality sushi, but better. And enough food for my guests to be full)

Undecided as of now (really depends on who it is), but it must involve some beautiful location. New Zealand? The Alps? Private Caribbean islands? The Mediterranean? The choices are endless...[budget, not so much])

So there you have it. An unadulterated version of what my "dream" wedding. Yet, all of this is highly subject to change. Again, it really depends on who I'm marrying and what kind of pair we make :)


In response to yesterday's post...I did somehow manage to score a 100% on the physics test I took today and stayed up preparing for. Studying actually does pay off? I should have learned this freshman year...but anyhow, I'm finally inspired to put in effort. Took long enough.

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