12 January 2011

day five

A photo of yourself two years ago

I pulled this from my Facebook Profile Pictures album--this was actually two years ago, but since it was taken on Jan 10, 2009 and that date is so close to today (two days off!), I decided to use this instead :).

I actually remember the precise reason and everything behind this webcam photo. I had just finished the grueling process of presenting my sophomore Science Fair project. We placed second, much to our disbelief...although looking at our first-place rival (someone who ripped his mother's psychology work at our state university in order to create an insane behavioral sciences presentation), it is now obvious that in a fair world, my voice frequencies vs. vocal connotations project could have won first.

But slight bitterness aside, my two partners and I were so proud of our work, myself especially, since I took a large initiative in this one with making the display and being the tester for 80% of our subjects. We also received a 100% on our project, which was nice (and also unexpected from our cynical teacher), to say the least. So upon the end of this journey (although we had counties to prepare for), I could not wait to let down my hair (literally and metaphorically) (must stop with the parentheses) and take a break. I had been running on cans of lo-carb Monster for about a week, so sleeping in was euphoric.

And my grasse matinee is what you see pictured here. The ultimate lazy day, but well-deserved, I think. I slept in and awoke to my hair waving in an agreeable manner, my biological clock refreshed, completely content.

I also remember that I bought the pictured shirt as a memento of my hard work for science fair. I fell in love with this type of shirt after going on a cruise in December 2008, a few months prior, and seeing someone constantly wear one that just seemed so comfy. And so I bought one after getting my results back...just as comfortable as I had perceived, and I still wear it to this day (actually I wore it yesterday), which justifies the purchase. This is going on a tangent, but it's nice to see that some things stay constant even after a few years.

Likewise, I didn't notice this until a few minutes ago, but I'm also wearing a pair of Under Armour leggings, which I originally bought for snowboarding a couple years back (likely around the time this photo was taken, too). Seemingly trivial, except I basically live in these 24/7 at home; the warmest leg wear I have ever encountered in my 17 years. I'm also happy to say that I still wear these religiously...and I can't imagine winter without them.

So there you have it: a day in my life, two years ago, and my most worn sleepwear since then.

Time flies.

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