06 January 2011

the challenge

This is so difficult! My last 30-day challenge didn't incorporate as much photos, so I'm being held behind by my inability to remember things. Right before eating lunch today, I decided I would take a photo of it so I could finally move onto Day 3...but then I forgot, again.

I will get this done eventually! Gr.

On the other hand, today was an A day at school, so I'm home early :). I stayed a bit longer than usual, using Activity period and part of my lunch to stay in the art room to work on my Conte piece.

I also took home my white Conte crayon, since after getting black Conte dust all over it and despite all my scrubbing, the black would simply not come off--however, it does create an interesting, rugged look (can art supplies look rugged? Ha) that I decided to photograph for my Flickr 365 challenge :). That one's going well, at least!

But off to either take a much-needed nap or do more homework...hmm.

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