24 January 2011

bad day #2

I have never done so horribly on midterms before. In my life.

My first marking period grades were presque perfect. Second marking period was not as great, but still, I'm happy with it. But midterms...my midterm grades bring down my whole cumulative scores...it doesn't matter how good first marking period looked, I'm done for.

How did this happen.

It will be 150% by the grace of God if I get into any other schools that take senior grades into account (i.e. all of them). I'm stunned. Things were going so well. I guess that's what happens when I trust in myself...yet I don't think I take things seriously enough, at the same time.

I'm so sad right now.

Also, my right hand has started bleeding again. Cracked skin, cracked soul.

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