07 December 2010

day seventeen

An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

How appropriate: art, the bane of my existence (this week). With Scholastics due on Monday/technically this Thursday, and the awards I receive determining my midterm grade, this is by far one of the worst weeks of the year. Complete with cramming, wringing out the remains of any possible creative juices, bouncing ideas off classmates, and wishing you had picked a more vague concentration, art is all I've been thinking about. Good thing I managed to pull some photos+a sculpture together to make the eight necessary pieces a probable happening. Gotta work on my Parachute piece tonight.

Nonetheless, here's something I did recently:

It's "finished" (although I was supposed to make corrections a few weeks back), but this was the driving idea behind a switch from my "something's missing" concentration to suspension.

Andddd hopefully by this time, it's clear that the bird is a marionette...yup.

But all right, going to do something unproductive and then take a nice, long nap. I love when teachers accidentally don't give any homework. Mmm :)

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