21 November 2010

thanksgiving break

Nine days of pure bliss! Except not really, as I just realized how quickly this will pass. A shame, because this is about the length of the average winter break, too...does that mean it will be similarly fleeting? Such a pity that my real "off" days haven't even actually started and I already feel like my vacation's over.

College applications, homework, a potato party (I will definitely be posting pictures from this, if it happens), another New York City visit (last school!), Thanksgiving minus one family member, Black Friday in Lancaster, Harry Potter, visiting/seeing friends who've been away at college, submitting college applications, and then back into the swing of things until winter break rolls around.

I'm already one-fourth done senior year. Crazy.

Ooh, I should be making a Thanksgiving list soon, too, per custom! Looking forward to that. This holiday always puts things into perspective, for at least a little. Now if only I could live with a constant awareness of my fortune circumstances.

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