04 November 2010

rainy days

white nollie vneck
grey banana republic tights
floral louis vuitton scarf

One in every eight school days, I get to come home early--before lunch! Thanks to our new demi-block scheduling system, and my luck of getting a fixed study hall during the alternating lunch periods, I have my lab aid class last on "A" days and thus, with the permission of my wonderful moderator, am home before the school day has even started.

This is all the more exciting when it rains (today). I love the pitter-patter of precipitation on the roof...I could sleep for hours without end, lulled by the hypnotic and ever-steady rhythm of water droplets. After writing, I'm going to eat lunch and take a well-deserved nap (college applications and the color-page yearbook deadlines have been keeping me up every night...I'm now constantly plagued by these killer headaches, despite how much I might sleep to try and compensate).

But more importantly: it's chap-stick and scarf season again (yessssss!).

I rarely pull out this scarf, though it's one of my absolute favorites. Gifted by my aunt and supposedly Louis Vuitton (my aunt never buys fake and picks up designer bags for my mom and I once in a while, but I doubt its authenticity), it is by far thee largest scarf I have ever own...but also the softest. It could almost double as a pashmina, and I raved over it to pieces when I first received it, but the only problem with it is that there's just SO MUCH fabric. As a light scarf (despite its size), I attempted to wear it in the summer, but to no avail...it just ate me up, and I saw no point in trying to wear it with 90 degree weather.

However, now that temperatures are dropping and daylight savings starts in just a few short days, I see the benefits of having a scarf of this size. Unlike the crocheted and thick scarves I usually port around during the winter, this one is entirely different due to both the fabric and warmth it produces without weighing me down.

And I love it.

So, I expect to start wearing it more. I'm glad I grabbed it to wear today, though it ate up my school uniform and got a bit wet :(. And now I'm really hungry...I don't think I've ever done a clothing post of this sort before. I avidly used to follow fashion blogs (stopped once summer rolled around I was forbidden in Canada), and have just begun to pick it up again. This was something I've always wanted to try out, but I think I'm way too conservative in my clothing choice and a bit too shy to go for it...maybe when I have more freedom in what I wear (i.e. not a uniform).

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