25 November 2010

happy thanksgiving!

Things I'm especially grateful for this year:

1 / God
2 / my parents
3 / America allowing second children
4 / opportunity--money to pay for all these college apps
5 / friends, bien sur
6 / and
7 / the imagination!

Vague, I know. I am also, right now, probably the laziest that I have ever been...in a long while. It doesn't help that my dad just set the perfect example for me by falling back asleep and the fact that it's rainy outside (I'm going to sleep after this. Stayed up until 4am finishing Deathly Hallows--I didn't think I'd ever be able to read it a second time...too heartbreaking, sniff). No complaints, though! I'll get to work after a nap...yeah...that'll do the trick...

Nonetheless, happy Thanksgiving! :)

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