10 November 2010

day seven

A photo that makes you happy

A friend of mine just recently tagged this picture of me...someone I don't know took it, but I remember that it was in Nova Scotia, on our last night. Some kids bought fireworks (illegal...) and sparklers and it was the first time I had ever played with anything of the sort, although I've wanted to for years.

Genuine bliss--and I'm grinning like an idiot--for the few short hours prior to our separation.


I brought my Mac to school to finish a college essay during my free period (which I did!!!)...but when I took it out again after school, I opened it only to discover that various crumbs were sitting atop my keyboard. I flipped out, especially since one was precariously on the verge of falling into the 'r' key gap...and then it did. I'm eternally woeful. This taught me to take back out the keyboard protector my brother bought for it, wash it (the original reason why I hadn't put it back on since I received my MBP), and start using it again.

:( Now I can't consider my baby new anymore.

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