06 November 2010

college visits

Where I've been:

American, Berkeley (x2309483), Brown (x2), Cornell, Dartmouth (x1029384), Delaware (x2302948), Eastern, Elizabethtown (x4), Gettysburg, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, MIT, Santa Barbara (x29384798), Southern California, Stanford (x2), Swarthmore (x4), Williams

*Some schools have multiple visits because of where I've lived and where my brother went/currently attends. The rest have extra visits due to special programs and whatnot, both personally related to me and not.

I believe there are more, but some were so long ago (I toured a bunch with my brother when he was applying and I've unofficially visited however many for various reasons) that they don't come to mind :(.

BUT: Today I got to add a school I've been wanting to visit for some time to my list: Georgetown!

My family and I were actually not going to make the visit due to continuous delays and busy schedules and having to reserve a spot for the info session early and conflict after conflict, but I'm incredibly thankful we were able to go today.

Despite waking up at a miserable 7:30am (though some of my friends were taking the SAT and were up and out even earlier...so I guess I can't complain) and watching the GPS perpetually recalculating routes because my father lacks trust in it (this is actually very painful to sit through), the trip was fantastic. Weather was perfect today--I find this plays a huge role in my ultimate decision on whether I like it or not, unfortunately--and the campus was totally unconventional for a city and unexpected, though I've heard much about it.

I'm not a D.C. girl, though I spent two weeks there two summers ago, but GU does a pretty dang good job of convincing me otherwise. I love that it's this tiny niche in the city, and that it's fantastically picturesque, and that every school interests me, and that although I doubted it for months, I can picture myself there (though this isn't saying too much, since I can picture myself anywhere...yay for capriciousness).

What I don't like: that they won't look at my writing SAT score...and that they want three SAT IIs, the third of which I doubt I'll get around to. Does that show a lack in commitment? Maybe, but I am so thoroughly exhausted from taking standardized tests. I'm hoping my essay writing will make up for part of this, but like I always hear from admissions reps, "more information is better than less." Ah, choices...

Anyway, I won't give away too much about my visit, except that I find it a wonderful school and would love to study French there and be whisked away on their abroad programs for a summer, or maybe even a year :). And my parents already love it because my cousin went there. I also heard that they have photography as a major? Hmmm.

Besides all that, on a whim, my family decided to visit the Newark Reservoir on the way home. I never actually realized where it was or what it looked like until recently, when a friend took a long-boarding video there. I've been wanting to see it, and we happened to be passing by...

Beautiful. Definitely going back soon.

Black Denali North Face
White American Eagle circle scarf
Abercrombie jeans
Black Frye Engineer boots
(RED) Solo Beats by Dr. Dre


Stay tuned for Columbia (and three others later this month, maybe more?), which I'll be going to for the first time on Thursday! This month is jam-packed with visits. Fun stuff.

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