04 February 2010

tick tock

No, not the song...

I try to stay away from staring at my phone's calendar every day because as soon as I touch the little icon, I'm totally immersed. I have everything up until next fall on my calendar, and it's a tad bit overwhelming (and kind of like a breath of fresh air, in a panicky way) to see how quickly everything will occur.

For example, (okay this is definitely turning into a calendar post...this keeps me sane. don't read any of this.)

2/6: Snowboarding unless we get snowed in, bah
2/10: SAT Lit scores come out, MY FATE REVEALED!!!11..
2/12-13: Join youth retreat @ Tel Hai!
2/15: DMV to get my permit/license, finally???
2/21: John Mayer!
2/26: David Crowder Band :)
2/27: Humanitarian League of Delaware's student casino night fundraiser
3/1: Spring sports start (eep.)
3/13: SAT reasoning test, blahhh. I need to start studying for this.
3/18-19: No school because of DSTPs (perks of being an upperclassman)
3/30-4/11: Spring break, possibly to California? !!!
4/28: French Honor Society induction...if I can keep my Calc grade up :(
4/30: Prom? What's that?...
5/5: AP Calc exam
5/12: AP Lang exam
5/13: AP Micro/Macro exams
5/29-31: Spring retreat @ Elizabethtown :)

And then it's June. And then that's a whole different story...I'm jam packed and ready to go; it's crazy, actually. I didn't even include most school events in the list above, and when I look at how fast everything's going to go by, stress stress stress stress stress. I don't know what I'm going to do! How am I going to handle everything? And then college essay topics will be released and then it's time to grow up and figure out what to do with my life.


But I'm not so wrapped up around that (yet)...mostly I've been thinking about everyone packing up and leaving (again). It'll be bittersweet, but more opportunities for me to road trip if all my friends are scattered around the country, right?

Ah...what am I going to do.

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