07 February 2010


Day of: Yeah! I'll delete it. It's just a bunch of status updates, anyway. One less distraction!

Two days later: Haven't thought about it yet...

Five days later: Hey look, I can enter this contest using Tw--oh wait, I don't have one anymore. Oh well.

Ten days later: I was almost at 1,000 tweets, too. And I rarely spammed or joined in massive retweets or engaged in extensive reply-reply-reply tweets. And I really liked my hand-color coordinated layout.

Approx. two weeks later (today) (or is it? I can't even remember anymore, poo): I sort of want my Twitter back...


The worst part is that even if I did decide to remake one, I didn't change my user ID before I deleted it, so now I can't reuse it. Blah blah blah blah.

EDIT: Oh wait, I just tried to log in (first time I've gotten on the site since I deleted it, I promise!) and it says that although the action is irreversible, I may still be able to use my username/email to make a new account in a month. Score, I'll wait until college to start using it again :)


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