01 February 2010

month #2

How is it that 2010 is passing so quickly already?

I'm having one of those quiet moments right now...sun streaming in at the perfect angle to light up my whole room, Tel Hai (winter retreat) playlist humming in the background, NOT sitting on the bed ruining my spine for once, and at a perfect temperature because I just took a shower.

Not much to say except that I have a ton of homework. My fault for putting it off until today, which could have been a relaxing off day. Off-day? Well, I suppose it still is. So no complaining here!

I also am not sure why I'm picking up blogging again...I did delete my Twitter and Tumblr (after going through the hassle of resetting my password since I forgot it, whoops), so this is pretty much the only thing I have left. I wish that meant I could think of more interesting things to write about, but I should just appreciate the fact that I'm writing again. And will not be wasting anymore time on other blogs, yay!

But right, about that homework...

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