26 February 2010

future endeavors

I can't wait until I'm out of college (well, in college is fine, too) (well, being able to drive alone is fine, too too) and more independent and able to travel freely and be super nostalgic about the "easy years" but really excited for whatever's to come and appreciate everything so much more.

I have decided that I will probably live the remainder of my life constantly torn between two things--not necessarily good vs. bad, but just exist in a continual phase of indecision. I think that explains myself perfectly.

On another note, I've also noticed that the older I get, the less expensive things seem to cost. This thinking is completely flawed, but it's interesting, especially because what I used to deem "really expensive" in terms of clothing is now so-so or "cheap", but since I personally have no reason to purchase it, nothing really changes. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but in my head it does. I won't give examples because then it'll just drag on and on and will become pretty pointless.

Nonetheless, change...I actually hate this word now, not sure if I've said that before, but Obama has permanently adulterated it for me...how about 'refashioning'? I think that's suitable.

Okay. Nonetheless, refashioning...I used to take it as a really dramatic thing, and absolutely despise it, but I believe I've mellowed out a bit more. I always think this when new albums come out (i.e. Starfield just released their newest a few days ago), because 9/10 times I'm inclined to stop listening to an artist at the release of new albums. I originally start listening to a group because of a certain sound, and when they drop it to become more experimental, I have a hard time appreciating it. Not really sure where this is going, either, but I'm thankful that so far the album sounds the same as before, and my little niche has not been disrupted. But then there are always exceptions (John Mayer, Incubus...).

But I think this is enough insight/blab for now. Surprisingly, we got a snow day (I didn't dare look out the window at all last night; I am super inclined to false hope), and because I'm done all my homework and studying, I'm pretty happy. Now I get more time to start thinking about future projects and study some more for Calculus (yay? yay!) and hopefully start really studying for the SATs that I have to take in...CRAP, two weeks...and just enjoy my time at home and this beautiful precipitation falling from the sky.

I love life :)

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