25 January 2010


Not 26 days late or anything...

1) Exercise
2) Finish the "My Utmost For His Highest" devotional
3) Work to my maximum capacity
4) Either edit or take a picture each day (blegh)
5) Paint outside of art class
6) Clean my room on a weekly/bi-weekly basis
7) Do well on my SAT Reasoning Test + Subject Tests
8) Buy that Fancy Green-Cheeked Conure @ Petco that loves me
9) Play with Abu and Mingo more, first
10) Take care of my face. And hair. And perpetually bleeding hands.
11) Sleep before 12:30am
12) Use my Gretsch
13) Experience new things!

So to recap and be even MORE general...be healthy, grow spiritually, learn stuff, and stay happy :)

A little note; I'm not going crazy this year with my resolutions because although I love the notion of a fresh start, I think I should try to refresh myself and my expectations of myself more than once a year. You know. Like tomorrow (new semester)! So...everything here is a bit vague. Up for modifications. Year 2010 will (and is already?) be awesome.

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