27 January 2010

NYR pt.2

Something else to add...LEARN HOW TO SNOWBOARD TOESIDE! -___-

It shouldn't be hard. I'm just more concerned about running into people, thus I don't practice, thus I can't snowboard properly without constantly switching sides. Lame.

This has been on my to-do list for the past few winters, but I just haven't put enough effort and motivation into it (or actually getting to a mountain...) to make it come true. So this year I'm determined to be determined to learn how to properly snowboard before I go to college.

...That makes no sense. But it's all goody.

(Also, I've been quite efficient today! Finished all my necessary homework by 7pm and just got back from the gym. Time to shower and then work on my project before sleeping nice and early, I hope! :))

(I've also been thinking about how amazing it would be to win a decent raffle. Such as Rumi's Alexander Wang Donna Bag giveaway. Secretly I hope nobody else enters themself, as the number of comments has increased by over 4,000 since the time I put my name down...yeah. Tough luck. But a girl can dream, right?)

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