18 January 2010


Important enough for me to step away from Tumblr and post on this thing:

1) "(White) people can't stand each other unless they're drunk."
2) So I'm starting to think this is really, really true. I find it hilarious that photos pop up all over Facebook (bad choice #1) of people who openly admit they can't stand each other but then get completely wasted (bad choice #2) and end up making out with each other (#3). Does this make you any more appealing? Getting drunk and posing your happiness (#4)? Of course it does!!! It makes me so jealous, and I stay up all night wondering why in the world I can't be that cool and black out on a weekly basis (#5)!!!


I'm not saying the people who do these things are necessarily detestable, but rather the act of doing such a thing is. I honestly can't see why anyone would consciously throw away all control they have of themselves in order to "have a good time" (#6). I actually feel a genuine pity for them. Is that all their life is worth? At age sixteen/seventeen? God, what're you going to do with your life in ten years, then?

It's pretty sad. People I would admire, would think are gorgeous, would think are people worth spending my time with...their dignity and lives, I would even venture to say, down the drain. Call me judgmental, but it disgusts me and that crap about being "stressed out" or having a "hard time" and thus needing this type of escape is bullshit. People aren't stupid, they just make stupid choices.

There's one good thing I can derive from this, though. Witnessing (via Internet) people fall into this ditch of crap repulses me to the point where I've been thoroughly convinced that I'll never get drunk (or want to) for some time now. I think I have better ambitions planned for my the 4/5 of my life left.

Now, I could be lying to myself and find myself in the exact same situation that I despise now in a few years...but I'm betting against it. I would bet my life against it. I want to leave this world with my dignity intact.

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