19 December 2009

mental health day

For someone who's been obsessively tracking the stats of those who got accepted into Ivy schools this year, who's spent more time reading a college essay compilation book than on Facebook in the past week (wow), who's been nonstop cramming and whipping herself into intellectual shape...today has been my perfect mental health day :).

Dabbling into my past, more colorful schedule, I spent a couple hours practicing on both my guitars and shooting photos along with playing in the snow with Abu and giving him a bath afterwards to melt the icicles that fondly grew on his stomach.

Of course, these days are rare...snow in December??? Really?! But either way, I'm happy I could just slow down for a few hours today before the rush of the holidays ("holidays") begins.

I don't really have anything in particular to say for today, except that it's been really...normal. I think when someone is limited to activities within the house (today was supposed to be a King of Prussia shopping trip) and is forced to appreciate the surrounding beauty...it's been a sort of old-fashioned day, with shoveling and talking to my parents and just listening to music...but it's nice.

Oh, but something I did want to talk about...

[1) I've been editing all my posts in the HTML box up until this sentence. Wow.]
2) My year of memories is almost up.

This "year of memories" thing was a NYR I started last year on the dot, a digital journal of one good memory recorded each day. I am really, really bad at committing to personal endeavors and goals, but this one very surprisingly stuck. I've managed to type up a memory for each day for over 350 days. Maybe it doesn't sound impressive to anyone else, but for me...this type of really trivial commitment is a huge accomplishment for me.

I'll probably reflect on it more in the future (I have to step out of this surreal world and back into my homework-drowned life), but I think it's fascinating that I've basically cured myself from pessimistic thinking and potentially disposed of probably 80% of my depressive nature. Crazy? Yes. The smile I now wear is more than genuine.

Okay, it's pretty obvious that my writing/flow/transition skills have deteriorated...but no worries on my behalf; winter break means more writing (erm maybe) and hopefully I'll be up to par before college essay time I know it.

Also, I've decided that I prefer writing my blogs in the HTML box. I don't know why.