26 November 2009

things I'm thankful for!

This will be my first year creating a "things I'm thankful for" list on Blogger, but sadly I can hardly sit at the computer long enough to draft up 100 things, as I normally do. And due to the sheer amount of work I have to do this Thanksgiving break, I'm cutting the number down to 50. So enjoy, and make your own! Self-reflection is incredibly soothing and I like to think it builds character (hopefully), haha :)

1. The "Clarity" (John Mayer) sensation; waking up truly peaceful and serene
2. My brother coming home for the holidays, and the increased chaos in the house during such times
3. Teachers who actually care about your well-being
4. My Klean Kanteen
5. Not being scared of driving anymore
6. Abu, for teaching my family to be more patient
7. Technology so I can communicate with people I'd otherwise never be able to talk to
8. Plush blankets
9. Music that communicates for you
10. Second chances
11. Genuinely nice retail salespeople
12. Netflix and RedBox
13. Being able to sit in a room with people I love, do nothing, and have a fabulous time
14. Wind chimes and aroma-therapeutic candles
15. Different climates in different parts of the world
16. Being able to hear smiles over the phone
17. Living in a safe neighborhood
18. Clean water to use on a daily basis
19. Inspiration through friends
20. My decision to go to Charter
21. UGGs for keeping me warm this winter
22. My ESV Bible for giving me new insight every time I pick it up
23. 20/20 vision
24. Happy parents
25. Tissues; imagine life without them?
26. Large Christian communities
27. Oh heck with it; my youth group, however generic that sounds.
28. Being able to hold my tongue when necessary
29. Being able to blurt out when necessary
30. Christmas spirit: even though the American focus is out of kilter, at least we're still recognizing the significance of this very important holiday
31. Good health
32. Toothbrushes and floss
33. The beach and the sound of crashing waves
34. The mountains and fresh air
35. Packing lunch every day
36. Creativity
37. Chinese cuisine :)
38. Puns
39. Different art mediums
40. Late-night talks
41. Realizing that God will make things work out, as long as I comply
42. A periodic good cry
43. 6 hours of sleep a night as opposed to my original 3-4
44. Libraries
45. Stair railings
46. Heating and AC
47. Comfortable silence
48. Failed suicide
49. Insight
50. And lastly, my God and Saviour...per usual :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

  1. "29. Being able to blurt out when necessary"
    - there is a lot of freedom in refusing to dance around like a circus animal catering to social song and dance. there isn't any need to watch your mouth. say anything you like! even if it's not pc. ;)

    "48. Failed suicide"
    - you can talk about this with me anytime, love. i'm glad it failed, too.

    happy fanksgiving!