11 October 2009


Why do you hate my God?

Why do you hate the One who created everything: who blessed us with life, who blessed us with people to make the sinful aspects of life more tolerable, who blessed us with free will, who blessed us with baby birds and tropical climates and hills to sled down and clouds on unbearably hot days?

Why do you persecute us? We are merely followers of such a perfect being--we are led astray, we are rescued. We are sinners, we are forgiven. We are quick to push others to "convert," but only out of a passion that dwells in our hearts, our souls. We want to share. We want to help. We want to guide. And this sometimes comes across as a negative thing due to hasty actions, but we are not perfect, either. Nor do we claim to be.

I wish I were more eloquent. I wish I could fully express this pain, this ache that is harbored in my body. The sadness I feel each time someone professes their hatred for my God, my Savior, my reason to live.

And religion--religion is just a term. What's there to hate about religion? You don't actually hate religion, you hate those who take religion to an extreme. You don't hate my God, you hate those who are ill manifestations of my God's pure love.

You don't understand. And I can't make you understand, though I wish I could. So I just stand helplessly and watch from outside the goldfish bowl; watch these creatures swim around in circles, unmotivated and lacking the fire that every person, animal, thing should be able to experience...They don't know the sweet relief they could have, but if they could only break free from their little worlds and experience the ocean they've missed out on up to this point...

So I wait upon You now...

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