22 August 2009

to-do list

- Charge my DSLR for tomorrow's filming and pack appropriate cords+outfits
- Write a letter/card for Carolyn's gift
- Watch the newest episode of Psych :)

- Finish filming the Thanksgiving movie/set things up so I'm not needed, since I probably can't help out a ton this upcoming week
- Finish AP Lang questions (a.k.a. find Their Eyes Were Watching God)
- Finish AP Calc homework (when Austin gets back?)
- Skim through old math books to prepare for school
- Skim through old French books to prepare for school
- Work on SATs and SAT IIs, especially while Austin is home
- Re-organize my dresser/closet and
- Make a list of what clothes I need to buy @ the outlets
- Start exercising again (no smashed feet excuses anymore)
- Regulate sleep schedule (before school starts?)
- Set up accountability devotions plan and work on my own more intensely
- Plan games/find materials for 7th grade YG initiation (heh heh heh)
- Work on electric+acoustic guitar and get my Gretsch fixed before it really breaks
- Restrain in terms of spending; Austin's tuition just went up ~10k this year... (no shopping besides @ the outlets for Labor Day, and after that until my birthday/homecoming)
- Finish background touches on oil painting (or not?) and work on new one before class resumes
- Put up photos that I've promised for a while now (sunset shoot with Richie and etc.)
- Start doing chores to alleviate stress from parents
- Figure out what's going on for my birthday (I was supposed to do this in March, but...yeah)

Good thing it's only 9:00 :)
I also find it kind of funny that I've been commented on...I'm so used to talking to myself on this thing.

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